Thursday, September 16, 2010

Needing to slow down

Life with kids is busy.  Working full-time increases that.  Everything feels out of control.  Maybe that's the point.  Maybe God is trying to get my attention?

Tom is at a CR meeting tonight.  Things are going well...I think.  I don't know.  Things between us are good.  Not great.  But stable.  I'm sorry I haven't updated lately.  It's such a wonderful outlet and I haven't been able to find time to write.  Tom has been pretty stressed out about work.  It has been extremely busy and he has a lot of pressure put on him.  He works with people who undervalue him and just expect him to do all the work, instead of shouldering the load with him.  He also puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the best and give 110% and that is just hard to do on a regular basis, 8 hours a day.  I try to help him when I can see him slipping into old habits, old attitudes.  Attitudes that lead to temptation, which lead to sin.  Right now I am just waiting...hoping that something will change soon.

Well...that's where we are right now, and I am out of time to continue sharing how Tom and I met tonight.  Thanks for your prayers and support.  More to come when I am able.

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